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Good morning
I created a 6600 group messaging with 3 internal numbers (200 201 202)
the message arrives on the 3 internals
I would like to know if it is possible that when the message is consulted by one of the 3 numbers it is deleted on the other Internal
Example when the 200 listens to the message, it must be deleted on the other internals (201 and 202)
2nd question: know if it is possible to have a BLF key or other message indication than for the 6600 group



Short answer - no its not. The group message is notified to all to hear/read as if it is a new message - irrespective if it has been read on another handset.

You may be best to use an imap email account for the message so you can see via email that it has been read and attended to.


Ok thanks for the information
Is it possible to have a message button for this group?
(know that there is a message from this group but a message from the internal station)


In the past I have set a blf for the group and seen a message light come on for the group. So yes message light works.


group mail boxes are only useful for things like an employee call out line, where everyone can get the message and delete it on their own. for a general mailbox, I use a regular extension and if someone needs access to it, we register the account to their phone. it will show up as voicemail for account 2 or 3. what would be nice if we could update the account names in the vm button…


Thanks Lincoln

it’s a very good idea
I’m going to do a test and see with the customer if it suits them.
I had provisionally sent the message to one of the group’s phones but that poses other problems for the other people in the group


You have discovered that Grandstream’s Group Voicemail works exactly as designed. You are also one of many that say it is not what they want.

You can search here in the forum for Group Voicemail and see several discussions, and ways to get what you want.

I sent the Voicemails to email. That allowed me to integrate Voicemail messages that were in the telephone service provider’s Voicemail. My users had one place to go to access all of the general messages.

Earlier this year Grandstream released a new feature and we had a discussion to figure it out,
Monitored Access Number
so you can look at that and see if it might be useful for your situation.



Thanks Rick

I found what I wanted, it works,
group message key lights up on phones
and once the message is listened to it turns off on the phones
This is exactly what the customer wants
Perfect !!


Totally forgot they fixed this VM for group light functionality. Well done @RickL