Memory usage in GWN7610


I just started getting a bunch of emails from an access point that’s connected to a GWN7000 with…

Subject: Memory usage in GWN7610:00:0b:82:xx:xx:xx

Body: Timestamp: (I’ve removed what was here as it was irrelevant)
Notice: Memory usage has exceeded threshold

Then, a minute or two later, I get the same subject but the body is…

Timestamp: (I’ve removed what was here as it was irrelevant)
Notice: Memory usage has returned below threshold

Is there somewhere I can look to see what’s consuming the memory? This is a small office with only about 5 wireless devices connected ATM.

When I sort by clients (wifi only) by aggregate, we’re talking 10’s or 100’s of MB. Not heavy usage at all.

I’ve got my tinfoil hat cleaned up and ready to go, so I’m already assuming someone is trying to brute force on the AP but, I don’t see anywhere I can get that kind of data in the GUI.

Thoughts? Run and hide?


I hope somebody will answer your question.

I am running the GWN7610 in a home environment. But even then, I have asked myself why the GUI does not give:

1/ A real-time indicator of memory usage
2/ A percentage of CPU usage
3 /Access to a linux shell for those who know how to run commands to display these informations.



You should be able to SSH to the unit, but I can’t remember what you can get from it.

It’s LONG been a complaint of ours through many beta tests that to truly compete in the Enterprise world, Grandstream really needs to implement SNMP if nothing else, to be able to capture this information from a real monitoring platform.



You did not tell us at what percentage you set the threshold? On my GWN7610 (Firmware when I check the memory usage in the e-mail notification section, it asks for a percentage. It would certainly help to know what the setting is in your case.

Guy L.


I changed it from default to 95%.


95% ? It is indeed a matter for concern…

Smartvox : yes I know I ssh often into the GWN7610 but it is a menu-driven interface and nowhere I see a memory usage indication of any kind. That is why I suggested a door to a linux shell. That way we could issue commands like “free” and “top” to find out the high memory usage processes.



Actually, GS has implemented SNMP on the beta firmware of the GWV7000 firewall.

I haven’t played with it yet, not sure if it’s been implemented well. Also, major lack of experience with snmp on my side so… I don’t think I’ll be digging into soon.


Costwisewpg: please let me know how the memory issue turns out (e-mail below). I am planning the purchase of many more GWN7610 but I would like to know if I have to watch out for this issue.


Guy L.


@costwisewpg I’d be happy to help test it with you. We know SNMP but don’t have a 7000 :slight_smile:


Wow. That’s very generous of you.

Your screen sharing app or mine? :wink:

Better yet, I’ll DM you.