Max Simultaneous Incoming Call GXP2170


Hello, we are testing our new phone system, UCM 6208 with GXP2170 and EXT modules. We can experience periods of high call volume on our existing system so we had several people call in at the same time, 8 or so people, and it seems that all calls after the 6th call are dropped or disconnected. Its my understanding that with 12 line keys, we could have 12 incoming calls. As it is now, we have 1 DID and unlimited trunk channels. We have a receptionists that answers every incoming call, so I’ve setup a queue which when she is busy transferring a call, if she doesn’t answer, it goes to that queue where the caller will wait until the receptionist picks up the call. Why is this limited to just 6 incoming calls? Any assistance or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


How is the 2170 setup?

Line appearances, account or line based?


I’m new to this, so please don’t hold that against me. That being said i believe it’s an account. When the extensions were created, I just did a batch creating and 1000 was included.


To be more specific, all the extensions were created with batch creation. The inbound route is configured with default destination as x1000. x1000 is configured as call forward no answer goes to Q1 during office times and the same for call forward busy.


how did you provision the phones?


you can create as many line keys as you want to get conversations (always respecting the limit of the provider voip).
I’m puzzled to read “over 6 conversations”. , it seems to me an exaggerated value, humanly speaking for a person is already difficult to handle 2-3 conversations simultaneously, over 6 I would say that there is a misallocation in human resources …


The receptionist will answer the incoming call and determine which person/department to transfer the call to. If no one is available, they are parked or sent to voicemail if desired. I’m guessing you edit the Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys. By default the first 6 are configured as Mode Default, Account 1 - 6. Can you just make all 12 Mode Default with Account 1 as the account?


plugged them in, they get DHCP address, go into Zero config menu and assign an extension.


all account 1.


Cool. I just made the change and should be able to test this tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that works. Thanks for the quick response and assistance. Greatly appreciated.


there may be other changes, but test and let us know.


I think it’s best to set everyone up as a “Account mode”.


As an aside, the number of calls you intend to have the receptionist handle can be daunting as Damiano suggested. As calls come in, I assume that not all are as easy as answer and transfer as some callers may need some help in understanding who they need to talk to. In the meantime, while that conversation is going on, other calls are coming in which forces the receptionist to make decisions about what to do with the current call or with the calls coming in.

You might consider the use of an IVR to automatically handle the calls as much as possible and while I understand that some have a disdain for a non-human contact, such may be the need in order to efficiently move calls along and prevent the receptionist from gong postal sometime later.

Just a suggestion from one who has seen others try this.


Switching the VPK mode to Account did the trick. Thank you. One thing we are experiencing is when we have more than one person in the call queue, the “music on hold” which is set to “default ringback tone” stops playing after two minutes for the 2nd person in the queue. It will go silent, play the “custom prompt”, then back to quiet. Is this a bug?


To be honest, not sure. However, if it were me, I would change the MOH to something other than a ring back tone. I imagine that no one would ever expect to “think” that something ringing would not be answered inside of 2 minutes.

Select the default MOH and see what happens.


@bbuck2 What does the first page of your queue look like - timers etc.