Mark all as Read - Actually mark the messages read, not just the flag


I just looking at postings under the New filter. I clicked the read/dismiss/whatever link there is at the bottom of the page to mark all the messages as read - the ones I didn’t want to read.

Indeed it set the New counter back to zero. But it doesn’t mark the messages as read (no longer highlighted).

I went to the forum in question, but there is no way to do this from there.

Under the old system there was a single button to press that marked the messages as read in all aspects.

Can you please create a way for this functionality to be included in this system?


Please like this post if you agree for the need for this functionality


I absolutely agree. Honestly, we’re just totally lost when it comes to what needs to be looked at and what doesn’t on here. We used to be able to subscribe to the forum groups we were interested in, get emails when things got posted or replied to, and go from there. Now, we spend 30 minutes figuring out if there’s anything that we want to address (other than replies to our own notes). It’s such a waste of time that we’re spending less time actually people out.


Hello David,

the “dismiss new” tab only dismisses all posts considered “new” by the user within the new tab. It would also remove the blue new icon counter from the category view as well. ) “Mark all as read” is not currently implemented into discourse.

A post is considered new when it’s been created in the last 48 hours. ( User configurable located here: Account --> Profile --> Notifications: “Consider topics new when:” )

A post is considered “unread” if the user created the post, replied, or spent over four minutes on the post. It does not mean posts/topics you’ve NEVER read.

Ways to be notified of certain new posts: ( On a per category/tag basis )

Tags/categories - you may go to User profile --> account --> tags/categories:

You could enter the relevant tag here, or use the categories above it. Any tags/categories set here to tracked/watched will inform the user of new posts / updates.

If you go to the search bar at the top and hit “options” an advanced search pops up, it allows the user to search on a read / unread basis ( along with all of the other statuses in the forums, pinned, by user, tracked etc). Along with categories/tags as well.

I could use this filter to quickly find all un-read posts in a particular category, with a time frame as well.

Let me know if this was any use to you in regards to the problem.



Hello Smartvox;

You can track / watch anything based on tag/category, and it’s configurable by the user.

User account --> Preferences --> Categories --> watched/tracked/watching first post

The “latest” tab contains the posts you’ve replied too / started. You can also use the “new/latest” on a per category basis. Just load the category, then on the bar you’ll see the same unread/top/new tabs.

Also as I explained above you may use the search bar to see anything specifically read/unread without confusing which is what.

Let us know if you have any other questions.



I really miss the old category, sub-category bulletin board system. Life was so much simpler then. Plus, there wasn’t 60% white space on the page when we viewed things. And it worked on a mobile device. And we didn’t have the Giant Blue Bar Overlord.


We shouldn’t have to spend hours customizing things just to make it easy for us to help others.


I have made all the suggested adjustments suggested already.

I am not trying to be a pain and am really trying to get used to this system but it is steep uphill battle .I spend a fair amount of time here keeping current and then trying to help folks when I can; it’s just very frustrating to me - especially when using my iPad given the blue bar obstacle and the poor mobile formatting among other functional issues…


Hello Smartvox,

thanks for the feedback. Discourse has a different way of doing several things in regards to the forums functionality. This software is being widely adopted though, and improvements to the overall usage will continue to improve. It is open source with much flexibility. We are still rolling out a fix for several of the interface issues on mobile including the intrusiveness of the blue drop down, mostly on mobiles. This update will be implemented in a few short weeks.

The ability to let the user customize a lot of the configurations on here has its drawbacks, but it also lets you be in control of what you see more. After you setup certain watching/tracking/new/latest items there isn’t too much left. If you’re having issues on a particular item let me know and we’ll try to assist.



Hello David,

thanks for the feedback.

we’ll roll out an soon for the mobile overlay issue, along with some mobile improvements. In regards to the functionality of certain aspects of the forums it is a learning curve compared to our old forums. We do apologize, but feel it is worth it for the users in the end. The old forums is also open source and was originally made 15 years ago. Our move to the modern software had other factors besides the basic layout design. Integration with our other systems in certain ways is in the future.

If there are any particular hurdles or problems you’re facing let us know and we’ll try our best to assist. We will also be releasing a short youtube video to help users with basic questions, and a user guide. Let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in there.



We’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it here. The choice of forum software isn’t especially critical, but you do know that all of us woke up one day and found EVERYTHING different? No warning, no hint, no beta test (we do have a large community of beta testers, here, you know). So it’s just frustrating.