Manual Errata


On pages 15, you list all the devices that are and are planned to supported.

  1. The GXP series is not listed - is has been mentioned everywhere else that this key series of phones will be included

  2. It mentions that it will include the GWN series, but refers to the current GWN cloud. The GWN cloud does not currently support the GWN7000. Will this system support the GWN7000?

Also the technical design specs on pages 14 & 15 are unclear, at least to me, if this system will support multiple clients (as in client companies I support as a reseller/tech) or if it will just support one client with multiple sites. I think this needs to be clarified.


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Thanks a lot for your suggestions! We will review the GDMS document and update the GDMS document asap.
GDMS supports GXP series phones, but it does not support GWN7000 yet.

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there is an error in DP75X, SSH parameters are mentioned in “Web/SSH Access” but are actually in “Security Settings”.


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We will update the GDMS Administration Guide with your suggestion in next version.

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