Mansion setup




I would like to setup a UCM 6308 with 3 of the GDS 3712 at 3 different doors / gates.

When a visitor presses the intercom on the GDS3712, I need a ring group of 30-40 phones in the house to ring. The homeowner wants to use GXV3370 or GXV3450. Whichever phone answers the intercom will need to see the video from the intercom. Is this possible using the equipment described? Is there a limit on the number of extensions in a ring group? I will only need the video to one phone, whichever answers first.

Can I also have the video from The GDS3712 stream to our NVR for recording? Digital watchdog is the NVR in place.

Lastly, can I have a speed dial on the phone to dial the GDS3712, have it auto answer and then see who might be at the gate?

Thanks, looks promising!


roughly what you are asking I think it can be done,
obviously there must be IP videophones in the house,
however, it is advisable to ask your supplier,
about the NVR you will have to ask your supplier,

for correct answers you should open a ticket to Grandstream at this link:


In theory, this should work, with some caveats.

  • With that many telephones ringing - there will be a delay ringing all together. This is the same for any telephone system. It may even be a few seconds from the first phone ringing to the last.

  • Streaming to an NVR is possible - I would stream from my 3710 to an NVR unit without issue as there is multiple streams to stream from.

  • Seeing who is at the gate is possible using a function on the latest firmware called “Preview”. This function is when a gate call is in progress before the user answers the call. If they have a video telephone then the video feed is streamed to the handset before the user picks up the handpiece. Check with the firmware notes and user / admin guide for more information about this feature.

  • Also - you can assign softkeys to “Speed Dial” the gate(s) if you have more than 1.


Please let me know what you think of the GXV3370 or GXV3450 telephones. Do you recommend a different video capable telephone?


Here you can see all the features of Grandstream IP Video Phones:


Id suggest to have a look at the following for devices for walls in rooms

They look very aesthetically pleasing and might be the device for your application outside of the desk phones you have indicated.


If you are using GDS37XX then the best video phones are GXV33XX and GXV34XX.
however, any IP video phone that supports SIP should work.
GSC3570 is another great wall mounted option, and the WP820 is the way to go if we are talking about WiFi options.
I believe (but not sure) that GXP21XX phones can receive video stream from GDS37XX, if you are looking for a cost efficient option although the resolution will not be that great.


Thanks. I like the wall intercom unit too.

Do you know if it possible to activate the relay on the doorphone via DTMF / touch tone code? Rather than an Unlock icon which I see in the manual?


You will need to check the Grandstream proprietary codes for buttons - I know the VPMK keys can be assigned as DTMF codes if that is what you are after, but best be sure you may want to read the GDS37xx admin manual and any FAQ’s to gauge an idea of what goes where else open a ticket direct with Grandstream.


I have the 3370 and the 3712 setup and working on a test system.

I having trouble getting the GVX 3370 as a template for the zerio config setup? It is not listed as a possible device. I upgrade the firmware on the UCM, no change.

I would like to strictly lock the 3370 features / mpk / ringtone. Is that going to be possible?

Lastly I want to use extensions 110 - 199. Is that possible? Out of the box seems like 4 digit and that isn’t preferable. I am going to default it and start again using the wizard to see.


Look at the features page for numbering of the telephone system, you can create 3 digit dialing there.


I recommend you to use another PBX


Because Grandstream products do not allow you to make a simultaneous call!

Because UCM6308 have a problem by P-zeroConfig-parameters (with each android devicec GXV3370, GDS3710, GAC2570, etc)

Because ON CLEAN Asterisk you can use if (operator) can add header P-Intercom

exten => _000XXX,1,Page(PJSIP/${EXTEN:3},isdb(paging-header^s^1))
 same =>         n,HangUp
exten => s,1,Set(PJSIP_HEADER(add,Call-Info)=;Answer-After=0)
 same =>   n,Set(PJSIP_HEADER(add,Alert-Info)=Info=Alert-Autoanswer)
 same =>   n,Set(PJSIP_HEADER(add,P-Auto-Answer)=normal)
 same =>   n,Set(PJSIP_HEADER(add,Answer-Mode)=Auto)
 same =>   n,Return

for example* BLF buttons -> you can see green/red color light, if you click on it then calling intercom on device

And remember that the intercom GDS*** only work 3 stream video - nice qulity, I do not know how to activate it forcibly


on GDS3710

Alaram1 this Door2
Alaram2 this Door1

if there is an opportunity, check what you will get when opening



yes, you will can


for example Hikvision has support “custom rtsp”


and also there is an opportunity to use GXP2160
but 0.3 fps, but it is working :slight_smile:


yes, it’s kind of set by default

I would probably recommend GDS3710
has a dialer, but only Virtual code for calls, and can added pass to opening door1, door2 as manual


yes, but the user (subscriber) will not be able to actively quickly press these keys so that the system can recognize them

on Android devices you can use GDS buttons:
-choose extension.
-choose pin-code for open door1 or door2
And it is not necessary to answer the call, you can immediately open it when someone activates the ball


on the 16th series, it is difficult for me to understand how to specify the extension and PIN code of the desired door


I got my 3 digit extensions, have my GVX3370template in zero config. Buttons don’t seem to appear as configured. Still working on a good template to push to my 3370 phones.


Is it possible for zero touch, zero config as follows:

  1. Plug in phone, registers to UCM 6308
  2. Upgrades firmware
  3. Downloads MPK config
  4. Downloads any GUI custom config
  5. Integrates with doorphone
  6. Listens on specificed Multicast address for paging

Even with zero config, there is alot of hands on work. Curious how much I can economize or’s so far a high touch setup.

I am a PBX guy, so with a Mitel, Nortel, Avaya or NEC digital pbx, it is plug in and done. All config is centrally managed already.