Manipulating A number



is there a way where I could manipulate specific incoming caller numbers?

We receive our calls in multiple forms. Some are in national format 01234567 and some are in international format 00123456789. There are however some that come to the PBX with a + sign -> +123456789. The only problem is that if a call is missed the users can return the call towards the first two, but fails on the +… number.

Is there a way where I could manipulate the caller numbers in such a way that all “+” would automatically get converted into “00”?



you could do an outbound rule with +x. strip 1 prepend 00 the result with be any number dialed with +34 will dial has 0034


Yeah that would be a partial solution. Did not think about working on that side of the problem :wink:

Is there a way to manipulate the incoming route side?


SBC or provider can do that before the UCM see the number


Did some more tests and I found out that SIP From field and Contact field are both in the “correct” form with as 0012345678. The problem is that the Preffered ID is set as +12345678. Is there a way I could force the UCM to disregard the PID and display the From or Contact filed data?


On an inbound call the fields of interest are the From or the (Request) URI. They may be the same, they may be different and which field is used by the UCM is determined by the DID mode setting in the SIP trunk settings.

The contact is used to indicate where the response from the UCM should be returned to as there is a user part which the is the IP.


inbound -> Set CallerID Info


Just did some more search and found that the rule for which CallerID is used is the following:

  1. P-asserted-identity
  2. Remote-Party-ID
  3. From field

You can change the automatic rule either on the phone itself (under Accounts/Account#/BasicSettings-Caller ID Display) or on the GDMS platform (VOIPDevice/DeviceParameters/CallSettings-CallerIDDIsplay).

In both cases you can leave the setting on auto (PAI, RPID,FROM), disable or FROM. Now I know how to change that on a single phone. Will look for a way to make the change global. How can I force the “CallerIDDisplay” as FROM on all devices? Even on a wave client?


Yes, I incorrect indicated URI which is the number seen that is dialed. Most will be set to use the FROM.