Management VLAN and Enhanced Firmware Upload Suggestion




Just a couple of nice to haves in a future firmware update for the GWN7610 :

  1. Ability to choose a Management VLAN.
  2. Ability to upload firmware updates from local drive through web browser.



Hello Daimler!

I dont understand your request at point 1…’

At point 2 i have a quick solution for you… I use miniweb to create a https server so you can point to your computer’s ip and get the job done!




Point 1 is to be able to tag a VLAN ID to the AP management IP traffic.

Point 2 is really to simplify the process without having to resort to configuring TFTP or an HTTPS server locally.

These are just a couple of quality of life improvements to an otherwise quality product.


  1. Do you Mean…

SSIDs>(edit a SSID)
Enable Vlan check
and enter the vlan tag?

  1. Yes… i’m with you… upload the firmware like in UCMs…



Ahh!!!.. by the way… I assume that you don’t use…

You will find very useful :slight_smile:

You can upgrade to the latest firmware with few clicks or set automatic upgrade…

give a try!


Hey again,

No, I’m not talking about VLAN tagging the SSIDs. The feature would appear in the Fixed IP section of the device configuration:

And I’m aware the firmware can be automatically downloaded from Grandstream’s web servers, which is fine, although that wasn’t really why I brought up the issue.



We need management VLAN support, indeed.


Hello, Im using and I need too this feature, please helpp


+1 for Management VLAN.


@grandstream What is the current status? Is this a feature on the roadmap?
Currently you configure the management IP for the GWN access point. This IP is always in VLAN 1 untagged. This is fine when you do not need VLAN 1 for clients. Well we want to have the management IP in a different VLAN.


What is the current status?
The Management Interface needs to be able to be set to a VLAN. Having the Management interface on an untagged network poses a relatively large security limitation. Having it untagged would mean that it cannot be differentiated easily from other untagged networks.

I haven´t tried this, yet:

NET port VLAN settings
Configuration is available at Access Points→Configuration→Edit→NET port Type.
You can configure Trunk port or Access port. When chose Access, you also need to specify its VLAN ID