Make "Snapshot when Door Opened" work like "Snapshot when Doorbell Pressed"



I’m using firmware on GDS3710 hw version 1.6A, and the “Snapshot when Door Opened” feature does not behave like the “Snapshot when Doorbell Pressed” which is immediately below it on the configuration page. Ideally, either both should be governed by the ftp/email checkboxes on the “Snapshot when Doorbell Pressed” line, or there should be similar checkboxes to select ftp/email on the “Snapshot when Door Opened” line.

My guess is that the feature is presently only able to upload these snapshots via ftp, which I do not have easily available in my gate system right now. I would prefer to use the same email to receive snapshots on both types of events.

I receive no email snapshot right now when the door is opened, but I do receive the emails correctly when the doorbell is pressed.



This should work if you configured SMTP correctly. “Snapshot when Door Opened” means capture when using RFID card, PIN, Remote Open Door; while “Press Doorbell” means capture whenever doorbell pressed, the door opened or not does not matter. Hope this helps. Thanks for using GDS3710.


Hi GS Guy,

I brought up an ftp server and connected it. The email only happens when the doorbell is actually pressed, but every event generates and stores ftp images. The email does not get sent when pin, key fob or card is presented.



Email services are several;y broken on the GDS3710. You should feel privileged and lucky if you ever get an email from it, and at best the emails are erratic.

According to Grandstream technical support, email may not work reliably or at all unless you are using a Gmail account for the GDS3710. There is no additional debugging available, and operation of email sending isn’t guaranteed and may not work. This is a product design limitation.

So you cannot really use the feature to send a snap stop via email as it often won’t work. The email feature is not considered a priority and there are no plans to make email generally reliable. (According to GS technical support.)

I have gone around in circles with GS on this, and basically, they have stated that the GDS3710, and especially the ability to send emails is not a corporate priority and has no resources allocated. The email feature is known to be broken, and there are no plans to fix it now or anytime in the future.


But the SMTP feature is broken according to GS technical support. Even if “properly configured” it does not work at all, or reliably.

  1. If the User Name is not identical to the email address then it will not work. (Known limitation.) This means that SMTP services that use an account name that is different from the reply address WILL NOT work.

  2. GS technical support indicates that the email account MUST be a Gmail account, and that any other account is not supported and likely won’t work. Grandstream does not support or provide any debugging for non-Gmail accounts.

It is not a matter of being “properly configured”. Indeed, we have spent weeks with GS technical support going around in circles. In the end, they have admitted that the email feature just doesn’t work reliably with any email service other than Gmail. It is known to be broken, and there are no plans to correct it.


This email stuff is for door without many usage per day. If there are about 30 employees and every one plug visitors doing this, the email will be flooded with lot of attachment email and there WILL be a little delay due to email transission and GDS processing this.

Why setup a local FTP server so difficult? For environment more then 30 employess, FTP is the right way and even the Grandstream video phone GXV3275 has built-in FTP server allowing the SD card to store those snapshots. Processing and sorting snapshots stored on SD card on computer is easy and faster then going through all the email attachments. There email attachment seems real time but in security point they are no different between snapshots in FTP server. No survelliance or security system is dealing this in real time (all are replay the recording if something happened) unless you hire a person over there 7x24.


How do you configure the email with Gmail?


Try configure it similar to this screenshot. Please input your own account, and advise whether it works.
Thanks and good luck!


Sorry, “Send Email ID” should be “123” instead of "". Please revise and try. Thanks!


Hi GrandPooBah,

You are right, email mechanism is totaly unreliable.

I have upgraded the firmware to and nothing work, try to downgrade to older firmware to be able to receive email when user tap keyfob, but at this time grandstream support told me to put older firmware in gsupdate tool but after spending days trying to downgrade i found in that link it’s not possible :

I never be able to install this device to my acess room from the day i have purchased it sit on my desk waitting a firmware that work for snapshot picture when using keyfob, strange that doorbell work without any problems…


The latest firmware should have addressed this issue. Please upgrade and give a try.

Thank you for using GDS3710.


Again, this fix won’t resolve anything about to send snapshot to email or even just email when door open.

This is why a have purchased this kind of device, we want to be notify by email when door open.

And also receive snapshot image by email when door open, this function work when doorbell is pressed but not when door open, only by FTP we could receive image snapshot.

If only snapshot image was UserName included in name file or User ID it will be more efficient because at my FTP side i could make some cron script to send email with that snapshot and make some more rules at my side like send email with snapshot when a user pass door at certain time example: a user with no limitation of acess time but normaly this user enter from monday to friday from 8am to 5pm,
but if this user enter at 11pm my cron job will take uploaded picture and with name ID from picture snapshot name file will send a message with name of it to admin security.

I know all this could be done from GDS3710 but i could not wait for this feature.
so only way to receive email with snapshot when door open is to make you own script at your FTP site.



Sorry my bad, not include this feature. It will be included in 1.0.5.xx firmware which is under QA testing now. Please keep tuned.

Thank you for using GDS3710.