Make calls, other user listens to music on hold



Hi Guys,

I recently bought two models of phones from GrandStream GXP2135.

I have a problem, one user (sender) makes calls (GXP2135), the other user (receiver) listens to the music on hold. But when he receives the calls, he can talk normally.

I checked the phone settings but saw nothing wrong. I look forward to your help.



if you don’t give the details and the scenario, it will be impossible to suppose solutions


Hi, Mr.Damiano 70

I have a Yeastar s100 IPBX and GrandStream GXP 1628 and GXP2135 phones. Sip has been configured on phones and IPPBX.

Connected on the same LAN and calls are internal (LAN) extensions.

After implementation, one user has recently faced this problem of making extension calls, when another user answers the call simply hears the music on hold, that is, is on hold.

If you need more details of the scenario just say so.


Grandstream phones work correctly on Grandstream VoIP Servers (UCMs), so I assume that the problem must be looked for elsewhere, in this case you will need to ask the appropriate questions to Yeastar.


Yeastar is very similar to the Grandstream UCM as it has asterisk at its core… however… interoperability wise you need to go to Yeastar.

To me it sounds like your provisioning is not right… factory default the handsets and start again using Yeastars provisioning…

This is nothing to do with the telephones - just the provisioning and interop with the Yeastar appliance - you could try and gain access to the Yeastar engineers - you’d be super lucky to get a hold of Jason…he will turn your system inside out and fix it in no time… he is like a Larry on Steroids…


Closing this thread as, it is not GS related.