Mac OS, dial number from computer?


I’ve searched the forum a bit and it seems it’s not possible, but I didn’t find a definitive answer.
Is it possible to dial a number from a Mac computer?
UCM6200 GXP2140’s -
appreciate any input


yes it is… you can use


thank you @scottsip , might you know some of the answers for me to start configuring the call control ? I get the username and password, the others,… not so sure…
Especially: Hostname (just the ip?), the port number was profiled by the software, is that correct?,
Asterisk Channel.?, and Dialout Context.?
any help is appreciated


Sorry this is the wrong forum for the 3rd party software, I just know the software exists.


There are two scenarios here and I am assuming you desire the second:

  1. You can install a softphone on your Mac and register it to the UCM.

  2. You want to control your desktop phone from your Mac allowing you to click to dial your GXP2140. Take a look at Phone Amego which is still in active development. This will allow you to click to dial phone number links in a browser or to highlight a phone number in any Mac program and right click to dial. You can also set up Action URI so that the phone will notify your Mac on certain events so you can for example see incoming caller ID on as a notification on your Mac. The Grandstream instructions are outdated so you would probably want to set it up a bit differently to get it working right but the developer, who was on these forums years back, might be able to help with updated instructions.

If you just want to be able to dial the phone, a free and simple way to do this is by creating an automator workflow and adding it to your services menu so you can simply highlight the phone number and right click to select the service to dial your phone. I have used this method to dial Yealink phones. I don’t have a GXP2140 to test it on but it should work fine if you can successfully dial it using http which is described in other posts and in the cti manual. I will let someone else chime in with the exact http command.

Here is a script to dial a Yealink using the default password. Replace the http command with the GXP2140 command.

Here is where you can add it to the context menu:

If you need help let me know.


nice @rkroll really appreciate your time and expertise.
Correct, I would simply like to dial out from the computer, nothing else.
I did make a string with my info in it, put it in a browser and got the response
“Unauthorized” I think there’s a setting in the UCM interface that needs to be checked but of course I cannot find it. Might you have a clue?



I can’t seem to get the Automator flow to work, am trying to use the ‘get contents of clipboard’ as the first step and then use what I think is the http command for Grandstream which is
" http://10.0.x.xx/cgi-bin/api-make_call?phonenumber=1917544xxxx&account=xxxx&password=xxxx"

but I know that’s not right, there’s not too much documentation on the GS site about exactly how to do this…
It would be great to get it to work…


There is no setting on the UCM to set as your computer is interacting with the phone, not the UCM. You would need to change the settings on the GXP2140 to allow remote control to allow the HTTP request to work. I don’t have a GXP2140 to test with but as far as I can tell you need to do the following:

  • In the phone GUI, under network->remote control, you need to enable action URI support and enter the IP of your Mac or “any” in the allowed IP list.
  • In the phone GUI, under settings->call features, you need to enable “click to dial”

The http syntax that should work is:

This is all documented on pages 91 and 111 of this document:

Once you can get the HTTP command working properly from a browser, I can help you with the Automator service setup. PM me and we can figure it out.


@rkroll wow, you are very generous with your time, I really appreciate it.
I looked and looked and I find no network/remote control and I find no call features under settings.
For all this work, it’s almost… almost not worth it… but, I would truly like to be able to dial from the Mac, I could embed the function into my Filemaker Pro database. -----
I’ll keep looking, maybe my software is old? but I just got this system 3 months ago…
again, thank you so much for your kind help…


It might be best if you hire him for his expertise and take the Mac programming off the Grandstream public segment…


I have dialing of a phone number working now from the computer, thru a browser. Safari.
Works great!
Next step is to get it into either AppleScript or Automator without having to go to the browser and opening up a new tab.

I have tried to get the http command into an automator service without much luck.
Not sure how to get from your automator text of:

number=$(echo $1 | tr -cd [:digit:])

curl ‘http://admin: admin@’ $number

echo $number

to mine which is changing only the middle line- the http line:

number=$(echo $1 | tr -cd [:digit:])

curl ‘

echo $number

Any help is greatly appreciated.