Low Volume on GRP2600 series phones using UCM6208


We are getting complaints of low volume on both handset and speaker of the new GRP phones - any suggestions


What sort of call?

extension to extension does that work correctly ?


They are using analog trunks - so when I go by the clients I will try and up the analog trunk decibels. phone to phone seems ok. Also they say when they pick up an incoming call it takes 2 seconds to connect so the caller hears half of the ninitial "thank you for calling etc


See if you can convert them to SIP … Analogue technology is 1800s tech that has not past away… Digital technology ISDN2 / PRI here in Australia is being replaced all over the country by SIP… I am sure that SIP is reliable where you are in the USA unless it is an ATA via SIP that is performing that telephone line function… still id say move them to SIP…

Pros for SIP

  • Caller ID on inbound - not all analogue lines have this enabled unless you pay for it
  • Cheaper call termination - usually calls are cheaper or even null when it is SIP to SIP
  • More channels of calls available at a keener price point