Loud ringer


Hello. Can I use GSC3510 as loud ringer for some sip account?


Not quite understand your request, could you describe more in details about your application and what you want to do? Thanks!


I think they’re talking about using it to ring an area, like a work shop, with a loud ring.

Much like the Algo 8180.


Yeas, you are right. I want to use it like a loud ring in my shop when staff can’t hear main phone.


I doubt as GSC will answer call (no delay or nor auto-answer at all). Maybe if it registered as BT speaker ? (not checked).


@lexius: Will this kind of LOUD RINGER be configured into a parellel hunting goup, so the GSC3510 only as a ringer but actually phone call will be picked up by OTHER desktop or WiFi or DECT phone? Will the ring time out be configurable in GSC3510? Please help to advise in your convenience. Thanks for using GSC35XX products.


Yes. One of the accounts of GSC3510 is the same as account of my Dect phone and phone call will be picked up by Dect.
Actually the ring timeout is configurable by IP PBX, but time when ring beginning (delay) must be configurable by GSC3510.
For example. When call come in, Dect phone is ringing, and if Staff can’t hear it, after delay of 5-10 seconds begin ringing GSC3510.


This can be done by RG, but problem is with GSC as it pickup call not allowing to RING.
That is main problem(auto answer) now as it prevent countless scenarios.

Competitors have 2 options:

  1. All have: DELAY answer (set by seconds)
  2. Some: Auto answer disabled, only auto answer when used Multicast or paging (custom-info - Multiple choices ! not only 1 for providing alert info).


Use the Algo device. Solid as a rock.


That is what I am using - Algo 8180 if memory serves.



Right now, our GSC3505/GSC3510 don’t have the feature that can support your scenario. We are still trying to implement similar scenario that you have. We will keep you posted on this feature.

But, what we have right now as in firmware v. (Will be BETA soon) is that we can delay the GSC3505/GSC3510 to auto-answer the incoming call. So, lets say both your DECT and GSC are in the same extension and if there is an incoming call to that extension both of them will ring the same time. The GSC3505/GSC3510 will not auto-answer until some configurable delay time to auto-answer the call.

Let me know if this feature is at least helpful in any of the real-life scenario. We are open to any feature request that you guys have to improve our GS3505/GSC3510 product.

Thank you,