Lost settings after reboot


Hi, i have Grandstream GXP2140 connect to 3cx.
When i set setting for the weather, the ringtone, the background image after reboot i lost each settings.
Why? I don’t know how to fix it. Can you help me?


Set them in 3cx template or maybe they are already there and 3cx overwrite your settings ?

Anyway reboot or factory reset ?


3cx overwrite my settings.
Only reboot no factory reset.


That is how 3CX works. And if you change their template, they will not support you if you have a problem with that device.

You would be best served by posting your question on 3CX’s forum as this is not a problem unique to Grandstream; it is how 3CX works with all their supported phones by design.


Isn’t there a way to disable the provisioning of 3cx settings? On the 3cx forum they say they hear grandstream since the setting they say disable them is not recommended.


Again, that is a 3CX question more than a Grandstream question IMHO.

I know you can choose to manually configure a Grandstream phone to connect to 3CX. By that I mean completely configure the phone and loose all of the 3CX configuration support built-in to 3CX.

You would also loose all 3CX tech support related to that phone; they are sticklers on what they will support.

This is something that I would not recommend undertaking unless you had a really good handle on 3CX phone connectivity and GXP21xx configuration via PCodes, etc.

You may wish to reach out to @damiano70 who I believe is in Italy as your profile indicates you are to get some paid support on this, assuming he has 3CX experience (I do not know).

Hope this helps.


This is the answer from 3cx.

customizations not included in the fields on the 3CX console are overwritten at the next automatic re-provisioning, so if you want to keep them you must disable the auto-provisioning (a solution not recommended and for which I refer you to the support of the relative phone manufacturers)


As I said, they don’t support this and will not assist.

Grandstream provides you with the ability to customize most things, but what to configure is in your hands.

IMHO, this is what folks like me get paid to know and do and why we spend so much time learning how to do it; it’s how we make out living.

If you wish to do this on your own, the place to start is with the 3CX configuration template on the 3CX system.

You will also need to look at Grandstream’s Configuration Termplate file -


There are also these Grandstream manuals


You can disable 3cx provision on GXP phones:

Gs have templates for 3cx (14/15) (ask distributor.reseller)

  • [3CX_Unofficial_Templates_V1.7_V14.zip
  • [3CX_Unofficial_Templates_v2.2_V15.5.zip


This solution not working. In the morning or after reboot the settings reset.


Remove link to 3cx config and disable this option.
Turn off automatic upgrade.


Which link to 3cx config? Where is?


Config path.


Config Server Path?


yes, that one.