Lost Registration While Sleeping


I just woke my WP800 which has been sitting on my desk. The account showed up as grey, which I believe means not registered. WiFi showed active.

Went into the WiFi settings and when I got back it was green again.

If my belief above is correct, this is not what I would expect; the phone should maintain registration.


Ours maintained registration after sitting on tester’s desk for 24 without use, but with two accounts REGISTERed.


I have 2 accounts registered, but I first saw this this morning with only 1 account.

Only has happened after the upgrade to .16.


We haven’t done that yet. :slight_smile:


We have had a couple of instances on where the account appeared “unregistered” (grey on the handset). However, after I picked up the phone both times, it went to GREEN, so I didn’t have a good chance to do much trouble shooting…

I will open some log files in case it happens again

In both instances, the WIFI had excellent signal (as my test AP is in the same room as my desk)


Same with my AP.

In my case happens every time the phone goes to sleep. Takes many seconds to come back on line (assuming the WiFi doesn’t disconnect).



Thanks for the feedbacks. We are actively trying to reproduce issues related to lost of registration but it seems we haven’t been able to reproduce it in our environment.

@alatarus @drostoker
We would like a packet capture along with the debug package (syslog, logcat, etc) from your device when it is reproduced again. You could start a packet capture first and stop it after the issue is reproduced. We also want to note down the model of the AP for your WiFi.



Will do…

And of course, everything has been working GREAT today…

The APs I was using on this has been GWN7610


Will do.

Just a note that when I just check my phone in sleep mode it was all ok, BUT the phone was in the charging cradle. All the other times it was on my desk.


At home I’m using a Ubiquiti but as others have said, plus myself, wifi stays connected; of course you indicated in the other thread it could be crashing and since I can’t ping it that makes sense. I dont think this is related to the AP


Hi all,

We were able to reproduce this issue and will investigate the cause.



Excellent! mine would do it in or out of the cradle


Ever since upgrading to this problem has not reappeared.


I got this again today. Latest soft.
Problem is less frequent but still is.
I noticed only this happens on my 1 account, 2 account never go down (even with older fw).


Try enabling “Use Actual Ephermal Port in Contact with TCP/TLS”



I’m not using TCP ? Pure UDP.
2 unit we have do not show any symptoms.


ok on UDP. for extra security I’d use TCP or TLS.

weird only one device. I defer to @GS.Rick :slight_smile:



1 have 1 account on UDP, 2 account on TCP :blush:


what does network status show for the accounts especially NAT type?


UCM is 1 meter from it same network :slight_smile: