Looking for install help UMC 6108


Hello everyone,

I was given a UMC6108 for my small business (veterinarian hospital). We have ~ 20 phones that it will work with. Right now we have an old Tadiran PBX that is working that I want to replace. I have the UMC6108 powered up and have flashed to the latest and EOL firmware. I am looking for information about connecting to a SIP trunk provider. I have a provider who has given me some information to connect but I am not sure where this should go. Also I am concerned with security given the stories of hackers so want to make sure that I set it up safely. It is behind a ubiquiti network gateway. If you can point me to documentation or videos that would be helpful.




If you are in Australia - you can give me a call - (03) 9008-5696 / (03) 8579-5999 I would be happy to offer you a paid support option so you can have your system securely set up.


Where are you based? If you’re in the UK we’re more than happy to help you


I think he is located in California, USA.


Thanks everyone. I’m in the USA.


for the security talk, check out this post:

otherwise, go to a professional company if you don’t know where to start.
A small note, even if I imagine you already know, UCM6108 is a product that is fine, but is out of production.

@fmarcoux96 it is in my way to see a serious company (like all)