Looking for confirmation that GWN7000 firmware will control APs on firmware above 1.0.9.x


I assumed that the GWN7000 should not be used to control our GWN7610 APs since they are all on the latest Firmware since there is a note on the support firmware page “Note: Please use the 1.0.9.x firmwares below for GWN7600/7600LR/7610 with GWN7000 deployment.”.

However I just realised our GWN7000 is firmware “Discover AP” on the GWN7000 does locate the slave GWN7610 APs on our network and the “Take over selected device” action is available however I don’t want to waste time trying to setup the GWN7000 as the master controller if this is going to cause problems.

We already have one GWN7610 setup as the master controller and I prefer we do this on site rather than via the cloud. It would certainly be nicer if everything for the GWN7000 and APs could be done from the one GWN7000 interface.

Is anyone successfully using the GWN7000 on firmware to control their APs on the latest firmware (e.g.



I’ve found the AP’s keep working but the 7000 can’t see them anymore. Best to just move the AP’s to GWN.cloud. Save’s site visits and defaulting the AP’s.