logs me off in the web UI



i log into te web ui configuration panel of a GXP1610 and just in around 4 seconds it logs me off and sends me to the log screen with the message “You have been logged out”, nobody else is logged because i change the password, whats the reason for this?


Refresh browser cache ?

It can happens when fw is changed and cache prevent correct work.


having the same problem, I sometimes get logged off after 10 seconds. I can never stay logged on more than a minute. I tried various firmwares I cleared the browser cache and tried IE, Chrome, and Firefox.


Thinking of returning the phones.


This still happens on today’s firmware. Happens more often if you have signed into multiple phones at any point.

It may help if you allowed us to specify a custom HTTPS certificate to use rather than the stock self-signed one, though that may not be the full issue.