Locked gpx1625 device


I’m from Brazil, and I’m having a problem with the gpx1625.
I think there was a firmware upgrade going on when they turned off the device. After that he did not call anymore, just turn the two leds line key in red. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem ??

Thank you very much in advance.


If a firmware upgrade was running when it was shutdown, it would have been bricked.

This seems a connection problem to the PBX since red lines LED means Not Registered.

I suggest you check your config and try to run a packet capture to diagnose the problem.


Got it. The problem is that the unit does not turn on, the lcd screen does not turn on. See in the image how the device stays.


Probably dead, sometime it is possible to recover but usually it start and freeze then.


It just stays there even after unplug, wait a minute, and replug?


Do you know of any procedure that I can try to recover?


already did that. The whole day was off, I tried to re-connect it today and it continued the same way


The only thing you can try is:

  • DHCP Option 66, point to your UCM/firmware path.
  • Reboot and let the phone sit, see if it downloads the firmware file.

If yes, it might be saved. If not, it’s bricked.


Check if it sent any packet at all.
PC - phone directly, wireshark on PC port.


ok I’ll check


Okay, I’ll try.