'Lock' desktop in 'headset' mode?


I am now successfully dialing from my computer from FileMaker Pro and any other application on my Mac. Thank you to @rkroll SO MUCH. - very powerful.

Now, is there anyway to ‘lock’ (or temporarily toggle until toggled off) the desktop phone in ‘headset’ mode so that when I dial from the computer, the headset is engaged and I don’t have to keep tapping the headset button?


My friend @drostoker should know that!


You cannot “lock” it to my knowledge.

You can change the button to switch between handset and headset; when the user selects headset it will remain in that mode.


With the handset down, when I press a line button to activate a line, I hear it on the speaker, I can then press the headset button and I hear it in the headset fine.
I then hang up.
Pressing a line button again, I hear it on the speaker again, it does not ‘remain in that mode’ (headset mode). Or am I missing something…


Configure a VPK for “Headset” mode. This is what David is talking about above.


ok, thank you,
if I could add on here…
when I ‘dial’ something like this from my computer:

"http://" & $Phone_IP & "/cgi-bin/api-make_call?phonenumber=1" & $Phone_Number & "&account=0&login=admin&password=xxxx"

Might there be a way to include some code/parameter that would engage the headset button/mode? that would truly be awesome… !!


You must toggle headset button on phone, then it should go to headset instead of speaker.
Also you should change option in phone to headset.
Not sure if that work, but by default sound go headset for me normally.


ah yes, headset/key mode in the desktop interface, set to “Toggle Headset/Speaker”
thank you all…
AND stays on headset when I dial from the computer, very efficient…