Local UCM Network Path


When uploading files such as firmwares and phonebook XML files to the Local UCM how should the address be populated in the phone’s Web GUI so it would see it.

E.g. I uploaded the phonebook.xml to the UCM to deploy via the model template, however it did not seem to work, so I attempted to add it manually. I tried the <UCM’s IP address?/phonebook but that did not work. I had a similar issue deploying a firmware update to GXP6125 devices, and ended having to use a TFTP server. I know the same can be done for the phonebook, but would like to get it working on the UCM if possible.



It work for sure as few my customer use it and i just check it.

Link is more like this:

Do you see if zeroconfig is working ?


Thanks. Where did you get 000b82763aea/1?

Yes zeroconfig is working


From phone which was zeroconfigured for XML phonebook.
No idea about MAC, it simply was there.