Local PIN has no function



The Local PIN has no function or I could not identify the function.


It does work as documented (I have verified it with fw, but it requires “Local PIN Type” to be set to “Unified PIN”. Do note that this PIN must be preceeded with “", meaning you need to enter "#”


There are two PIN type: local universal PIN and private PIN. Currently the implementation is mutual exclusive.

For local universal PIN, min. length is 3, because * and # need to be used as start and end.
For Private Card PIN, it must be configured in the RFID card management, min. length is 5, start and end with * and #, with another * in the middle to separate the Virtual Number (could be apt. room number) and the PIN.

The Private Card PIN is different (can be the same) and binding with each RFID card. This is designed for apt. usage. The virtual number can be apt. room number (which for privacy the SIP number can be different with the Virtual Number if user does not want to release the SIP Phone number, although most user for convenience configured them the same). So for Private Card PIN, if user forgot to bring the card, just enter private PIN: VirutualNumberPIN# to open the door.

For SIP call initialed from GDS if SIP proxy configured, it is actually calling the “Virtual Number” instead of “SIP Number”. For example, if Virtual Number (or room number) is 123 but actually SIP number is 567, call from GDS side should dial from keypad “123#” instead of “567#”, unless you put the two field the same. If # is not entered, after several seconds the GDS will still make the call, this is the same behavior as Grandstream IP Phone.


Ok, now I understand the concept of PIN in this device. I thought it works like this:



I would prefer for the two options NOT to be mutually exclusive. Once we begin to use the private PIN, it seems we can no longer use a guest PIN! Honestly, the whole concept of managing cards and PINs should be enhanced so that different groups of users can have different requirements.

For example, I might want my family members to have rfid key fobs that simply open the gate directly, but I might prefer to have the landscaper’s rfid key fob to also require entry of the private PIN, and I’d like to give UPS and Fedex simple entry codes because they often have different drivers and cannot manage the rfid key fob. I imagine this could be managed by setting different rules for each group.

Right now, the guest PIN doesn’t do anything for us.


Create a virtual number for UPS or FedEx, assign private PIN. Enable “Private PIN” in the “Local PIN Type” of “Basic Settings”, just don’t give them the RFID card.

For example: Configure Username “UPS”, Private PIN “111”, and Virtual Number “11” (or “877”/UPS) for this account. Tell UPS that their code to open door is: “* 11 * 111 #”, or “* 877 * 111 #”. You will have record that is door is opened by UPS in the log, also you can configure the schedule to this account, so the PIN will be invalid if NOT in working hours like 8-5, to keep your door secure.

Hope this works for the requirement and helps. Thanks!


Why cant I set no password for a Virtual Number and user should be able to open the door with just entering their * virtual pin *


@sherk45: Because in the webUI these two PIN type is mutual exclusive, you can only use one but not both. The device is NOT that smart yet due to resource limitation (MIPs power and memory embeded).

For the UPS case, you can setup “guest PIN” and program the time frame when the guest PIN worked. This might help resolve the issue as “guest PIN” can be simple as you specified.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS products.