Local Firmware update using HFS


Has anyone had any luck updating firmware on a 3611IR_HD using the HFS HTTP server software? Firewall on local PC is off, and from a browser on another machine, I am able to download the firmware file. Camera will not download file. What am I missing…???


Yes.Make HFS expert mode and add more logs (right mouse).
Camera ask for fw or not ?


Still unable to upgrade firmware.
I see the connection; but file transfer.
Doesn’t work with GS tool, or HTTP Server in GSurf.
Any recommendations?


You can increase messages in HFS by right click and add more to show.


since this is soooo convoluted here is a strategy to get the upgrades to process…

A: (not required) Put machine on same network segment
this helps to check firmware version but not much else… the tool bascially won’t upgrade your camera unless you leave default user:pass - which is BAD BAD BAD…
A-1 - this helps (being on same LAN) but the GSUpgradeTool basically won’t upgrade the camera anyway as it appears it doesn’t take the updated password field when saved…

B: I used HFS HTTP Server from here:

spun that up and set logging to max… not easy and probably not needed.

C: Verify http IP address is good and reachable from another PC on network - this verifies firewall…

D: next right click Home Icon in HFS and choose add Folder from Disk

  • yes to Create a Virtual Directory
    after that …

E: need to log into camera and edit the Firmware URL
path I used:
full url into virtual directory where extracted zip file was.

now that is all set and we’ve verified we can see from another PC.

F: Reboot/Restart the camera via the camera management interface…
on reboot much like the phones it checks for updates as long as the automatic firmware update checkbox is selected…
I usually monitor via ping -t to keep a constant ping until the camera is back online.

G: if on same LAN subnet / VLAN - check via GSUpgradetool if version was updated:
otherwise log into camera and check…