Lines not registering


I’ve got a GXW-4108 that was connected to a Philips PABX, when we moved over to a Siemens PABX I’ve changed the SIP server address and set up the SIP extensions on the PABX. When I looked at the gateway, only 5 extensions registered and 3 did not, they are all set up exactly the same.


GXW-4108 is SIP Compatible then you can register any sip compatible voip server, in your case it could be that you inadvertently have some differences on the extensions on the voip server side, or on the ATA side you have not set the extensions all the same (except of course server / user / pswd).
You can try to reverse the extensions on ATA and see below if the problem is on the PBX side or on the ATA side.


Thanks, alot, don’t know what the issue was but it is working.
I have another issue with one. When it shows, ready, and I connect to the analogue port to check what the ip is, I don’t get dial tone. All 8 led’s are flashing.