Line roll over


I have a HT-502 V1.2A with VOIPo service.

I have cordless phone base, with two lines, plugged into it (both output jacks).

Is there a way I can configure the adapter so that, when I get a call it only rings on line 1 … and if I get a 2nd call, it rings on line 2?

Current, when I get a call, it rings on both lines at the same time.




Only if you forward call from 1 line to 2 line in case of busy.
As i understand now all calls go to sip account 1, so you can pick 1, then second call go again to SIP1 and it is waiting. you can change this behaviour by settings call waiting as no and make forward on BUSY to number you have on SIP2. Forward can cost (you need check with provider). It possible that you have same option on provider account.
FXS port and SIP are separate in 502.