Line Key Display Settings


In either the global template, or the model template, is it possible for me to programmatically set the display values for LINE 1 and LINE 2?

Currently the config is pulling the Account Name for LINE 1 and leaving LINE 2 blank.

Ideally, I’d like the account name on line 1 and the account extension number on line 2.

(PS: We’re using GXP1628 and 2170 model phone(s).


I don’t know that they can be different, though I’ve never tried.
You can change the first name to have both the name and extension showing per line.


Well it is possible but i do not recommend (trick below).
You will need add register data (correct) to 2 line (same account) and disable register (and set register on 1 minute) then you can add in name whatever you need. If user use this account he will be able to call but it should fast de register so he will not get 2 calls on same phone.
Concurrent register in ext/UCM set to 2.