Line 1, Line 2 dedicated buttons voip trunk


Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me how to have dedicated buttons for line 1 and line 2 that trigger different outbound routes /DiDs to be used?

In essence, I would like to press line 1, make a call and the person I’m calling sees one number, but when I call from line 2, they see a different number calling them.

I have a UCM6204 and gxp1782 phone.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you



Create 2 accounts (extension) in that phone.
Then make outland DOD appropriate for each line.


Thank you very much Marcin.

I configured DOD, but have two questions:

  1. I am using the Send PAI Header function. With it turned on, the PAI Header number overrides the DOD created for the extension. Is there a way to use the PAI Header and DOD?

  2. When I turned off the Send PAI Header function, the right number showed up, but it added the extension number after. Can the extension be removed from being shown? This may not matter if I can use the PAI heeader with DOD.

Thanks again



Check PAI and leave PAI header blank. UCM fill it with DOD.
Keep Trunk CID - Not marked.
Keep Original CID - Not marked.



Thank you very much