Lens cover replacement or how to fix



Apparently Grandstream does not have any solution to replace the damaged lens cover of a GDS3710 or GDS3712.
It is extremely likely that the lens cover will degrade over time or just be scratched by accident by any guests entering the facility or just passing by.

We have confirmed that replacing the glass cover requires to fully disassemble the GDS, so this means it has to be done by someone who is specialized, or just very careful.

This is bad by design, which should have some kind of easier way to perform this maintenance.

Regardless the alternative solution might be to just polish the lens cover, to reduce the impact of the scratch, but this is not a procedure that can be done blindly.

Has anyone had any success in polishing after a scratch?
Grandstream could provide what kind of polish, and which product is more adequate, so that the procedure can be done on the site without the need to remove the GDS from the site…


have you considered using a soft cloth and brasso? try it on a plastic cover first before using on the 3710



The cover is not with me. We are a distributor and our partner has a client with this scratched device.
If I don’t have any official confirmation that using brasso will not damage the cover, then I cannot actually recommend them to do it.

The reasons why using the wrong product can be harmful, is because the lens cover might actually have some anti-reflection, or UV-resistant treatment, which I have no idea whether it has or not, and the polishing could probably remove said treatment and make the lens cover less resistant or even starting to blur the image…

Grandstream (through our local importer) has refused to provide any recommendation or even share what is the material/treatment, so I was hoping that someone might have a success story of trying to polish the lens cover.
Or at least if enough people have similar situations, maybe GS could understand that it’s easier start selling the lens cover for replacement…

The official position, as it stands, is to buy a new unit… because the cover is scratched.


You stated that the lens has been scarred / scratched… its already been harmed…
Consider purchasing another device if Grandstream do not come back to you as this is just a user forum.