Legacy PBX Callback function


Would like to know if in UCM62XX you can implement the internal callback feature in which during an internal call, when the other party is busy, you press the callback button and hang up and when this extension cames free, the pbx calls you back and places the call again. Thanks.


Yes, this can be done.

I’ve never tried it myself but the programing is there.


You have to activate CC on all extensions,
and use the code “Call Completion Request”

  • call extension
  • after the busy signal hang up
  • raise and compose the code “Call Completion Request”

n.b.: the call waiting must be disabled


Is this on all extensions, the extension making the call, or the extension that is busy?


extension must be actually busy for it to work, so call waiting must be disabled.
It would have been very convenient to be able to do this even on extensions that do not answer. It doesn’t work.
On Panasonic for example 201 calls 203, this does not respond and activates the call back.
As soon as 203 raises the handset for any activity, the switchboard warns 201 and automatically starts the call to 203.
I imagine the scenario, I find it very useful.
You should request implementation at GS.


OK, I will try a comment the results, thanks.