Leave a conference call that you started without conference breaking?


Hello everyone. We have the 6302 and gxp21xx phones. As we try to use more features, one thing that we are interested in is the conference function. I think that the conference button on these phones means that the phone and not the UCM is doing the conferencing. So I I call out to an outside number and conference in an internal extention to a 3 way call, If I leave, then the other 2 participants will get dropped.

There is a multimedia meeting option in the UCM6302, but I am hoping that there will be a simpler way to keep other conferenced in participants connected if the person who started it leaves.

OR if there is a simple way to use the multimedia meeting this would work.

We want our staff to be able to call an outside customer and then conference in another party in our business so that all 3 can talk. Then the initiating caller can leave to allow the other 2 parties to finish up.

Thanks for and advice.



There is an option of " Transfer conference on hangup" in the phone either under Account – > Call settings

Under phone settings --> Call features.

Enable this option in conference initiator phone, it will solve your purpose.

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That worked! Ty