LDAPs on UCM62xx and Softphone


Our company just setup a UCM6204 at office, and has configured LDAP server and add a new phonebooks, we can get contents of the phonebook either GXP1628 or softphone; we, however, want to setup a secure connection e.g. ssl - LDAPs for softphone to download phonebooks from LDAP of UCM, how can we do that? anyone can help?


Change LDAP to LDAPS.
Never done it but cert are for that reason.


Marcin, thanks for your reply, the LDAP is possible working fine either on the GXP1628 or softphone, but LDAPs, we try to generate CA certificate and a private key through openssl, then upload to UCM–>System Settings --> LDAP Server --> LDAP Phonebook --> Phonebook Download Configurations --> LDAP client CA Cert & LDAP client Private Key, we can upload the CA cert to UCM successfully, but Private key fail, it always says the file fail to upload, the key file is PEM standard, any idea?