LDAP UCM credentials


I wanted to know out of curiosity if you use LDAP of the UCM leaving the default credentials or if you normally change user/admin, and if you recommend to leave the default or change them.
I don’t see any particular vulnerability problems but I could be wrong.


Leave the original list and generate your own ldap list and assign that list to the handsets via zero config.


up to now, the question was whether to leave user/pswd by default (therefore empty) or assign user/pswd for security reasons.
I say this because another vendor unlike Grandstream by default inserts complex user/pswd.
So on the one hand zero security, on the other hand complex security. And it seemed strange to me.


Quite understandable - but that is why we have a complex password for the admin account unless it has been changed to an easy one to guess…


admin pwsd is a speech, I’m talking about LDAP pswd




That is for the phones if you do not create a separate ldap server if i am right…


In fact I speak of the internal LDAP server of UCM, in fact on the phone on the fields “admin” and “pswd” remain empty and correctly reads internal LDAP of UCM


Well what happens with LDAP if you change it - does LDAP still work or does it become broken?


obviously works if you change the credentials on the LDAP UCM side and on the LDAP side of the phone.
But the question is whether you generally set your LDAP credentials normally to UCM or leave it by default