Ldap sync between systems



So i have a UCM6510 in Melbourne Vic and a UCM6208 in Country Vic

Between the 2 site we have a Fully transparent VPN Tunnel

UCM6510 Network is setup as Switch Local IP Telephone lines via E1. GW

UCM6208 Network is setup as Route Local IP is (Lan) (WAN). Telephone line are Registered Peer on
We have a static route for LAN

we can SIP peer between the two system and make telephone calls.

on the UCM6208 we can get the LDAP from the UCM6510 however on the UCM6510 we can not get the LDAP from the UCM6208

if we switch the UCM6208 network to switch and drop the trunks from and make the default gateway we can get LDAP from in both Directions?

obviously when we route the LDAP traffic is not following the Static Routes can you suggest how to rectify?


Did you correctly activate LDAP synchronization between the 2 peers (with correct pswd and port)?
the routes are regulated by the LDAP Outbound Rule -> Specify an outbound rule for LDAP sync feature. The UCM6200 will automatically
modify the remote contacts by adding prefix parsed from this rule.
The manual certainly talks about it better.
if I am not mistaken, only the extensions of the UCM are synchronized in LDAP.



You need to sync both systems at the same time for the sync to work properly.

There’s a good Grandstream Youtube on the subject


tried the suggestion thank you but it make no difference.
maybe i didn’t explain myself correctly. see attached picture.
Grandstream APAC support is sayinging UCM6510 only talk to UCM6510 and UCM62xx only talk to UCM62XX
Which i’ve already proven is rubbish


Have you got different extension numbers at each site with no overlap of the numbering from site to site?


absolutely not, I have standing a LDAPSync between a UCM6202 and a UCM6204 and it works regularly, you’re doing something else wrong I think.


The statement - “absolutely not, I have standing a LDAPSync between a UCM6202 and a UCM6204 and it works regularly, you’re doing something else wrong I think.” is not an example that refutes what GS support indicated. The 6202 and 6204 are both 62XX models.

The 62XX User manual states:
“Currently LDAP sync feature only works between two UCM6200s”.

However, the LDAP configuration server guide makes no such reference about any limitation and refers to all UCM as UCM6XXX and then goes on to state:

“The UCM built-in LDAP server provides corporate directory to IP Phones using one or multiple phonebooks. UCM6xxx offers also “Sync LDAP directory” feature allowing to synchronize LDAP directories between other UCMs for SIP peer trunks to have a centralized phonebook directory between all UCM branches.”

I do not have a way of confirming either statement at the moment as the 6510s that I have are all installed and no peering is required by the client and I have no desire to test on active systems.


@lpneblett mine is just a testimony of what I have done, to try to lend a hand.
In fact if you read what I wrote I added “I think”.


It’s hard to convey emotion in a forum post, but please keep any sort of sniping to a minimum. This is a forum of users helping users and we don’t need to get caught up in emotions because of misread or misunderstood language choices.

Fundamental rule - if you don’t have something useful to add, then don’t add anything.



I’m sorry if I offended anyone however I can’t see any issues with any of the post in this thread and at the moment i’m grateful for all the suggestions I’ve been given and at this stage willing to try anything. however as I’ve only been working with SIP and VOIP since 1999, i’m still only learning. however from my experience i’m kind of guessing that in route mode the LDAP sync is only performed via the WAN port and it ignores the routing that you ask. Which is irrelevant to which system you are using as it not working correctly hence while I’ve showed how it worked which proves the basics are correct and that it will do it. If it didn’t worked i’d accept that UCM62XX only communicate with UCM62xx and UCM6510 only communicate with UCM6510.

YES Both Sites have different number ranges and damiano70 I really appreciate your assistance so far.
I really do hope i’m doing something wrong as you suggest cause if i’m not there is an issue with the firmware that Grandstream are not going to address.



SO on the UCM6208 i swapped teh LAN and Wan IP’s and changed the static routes.

this mean that the Wan port is used for the LDAP on Both System and the SYNC works Perfectly.

This mean that LDAP Syncing will only work on WAN ports regardless off static routes when the network is in route mode. this is on software


for a moment, I was assuming that I had the UCMs in switch mode, I never use the other mode.
UCM is a VoIP Server, I prefer routing and other do it externally to Firewall or router.
So can you confirm that LDAP SYNC also works correctly between UCM62XX and UCM6510?
That would be good news.
In any case, I’m glad to have been useful to you in my small way.


Damiano yes I can confirm Ldap work between all UCM’s. aslong as you use switch mode or Wan Port in Route mode


perfect thank you, then above I said right :slight_smile: