LDAP Search failed (67)


I have a UCM6302 with a bunch of GRP2616. I upgraded the firmware of the UCM6302 to Once upgraded, my LDAP stopped working on the phones. I get a LDAP search failed (67). I made no other changes other than upgrading the firmware. On the GRP2616, I am running firmware 1.05.36. Any ideas how to fix?


Hello, I have the same issue on UCM6301 [], and GRP2615 []
LDAP search failed (67).
Was previously working on old firmware.



Already opened ticket just posting here to indicate it’s a common issue, should just work out of box with how Grandstream advises.


This is a user user forum, greatstream assistance receive it via Ticket, if you don’t get answers here


Roger that.


I have no problems on the LDAP part, I therefore advise you to check the settings, eventually share the screen here


Just thought I’d post my solution incase anyone else comes across this…
After some tinkering and trial and error I figured it out.

I was trying to use the built in UCM setting in my Zero Config Global Policy, LDAP Config.
This wasn’t assigning the username and password to the phones ldap config.

Additionally I found the UCM LDAP default password set to admin and would not let me re-save it without more complex password. I created a new password in here.

Went back to the Global Policy and set LDAP to Manual and configured all the server settings as per the manual but with addition of the username as: cn=admin,dc=pbx,dc=com and my password set.

LDAP started working again now on my phones.

Thanks hope this helps someone else.


Thanks for the post TelephoneGuy20 I have UCM 6301 with GRP2615s username example solved it.