LDAP problem


After adding LDAP settings i cannot even manage to search anything.
It look like phone is fixed to local phonebook.
LDAP is provided by UCM, GXP series work fine.


We are syncing our contacts with LDAP from our UCM also. We can search and dial from the contact results.

Just a question, are you importing or dowloading LDAP contacts?


LDAP is online service, request is sent when i search.

If you sync you do not use LDAP at all, it is standard local phonebook.

FYI: LDAP can have 20000 records easy, how you sync this ?


Sorry, you seem to be correct in that setting the CONTACT tab action for LDAP search DOES seem to be stuck on local phonebook…

I had tested downloading the contact list previously and had not noticed that it was searching the local phonebook instead of the LDAP link.

After I had deleted the local phonebook, then I saw that you are correct, the WP800 does not search the LDAP service.



It seems LDAP feature is not working correctly on v1.0.0.14. We will report the issue to dev team.



Maybe I missed it, but I can’t see where in the phone’s web GUI I can configure LDAP on firmware version[No SIP account configured yet in case that is an issue.]

What am I missing?



The feature is currently under development. I believe it’s hidden for now.