LDAP error after firmware update


Hi Folks, Im new to the forum and Grandstream phones.
I have setup a UCM and 9 handsets, had LDAP working no problems. I did a firmware update on the UCM and my LDAP stopped working?! I am getting error “search failed please check filters”. I have been over them 100 times tonight and can’t pick the fault? When I switch from manual to PBX in the LDAP server the error changes to “error 7” Any help appreciated.


Without details it is impossible to give you a hand.
I have always updated and never had problems on LDAP, if I were you I would check the settings well on UCM and on the phones.

agrees that you open a ticket on:


Thanks for the quick reply.
I have attached a screenshot of the LDAP setting from one of the handsets.
If anybody can see anything wrong with the config

please let me know :slight_smile:


I impose differently, however try:

Base DN -> dc=pbx,dc=com


Try set LDAP from Zeroconfig. It will add correct data, then you can do manual.


LDAP still didnt work using zero config and pushing out a global policy. But I set the global policy to use the XML phonebook and that worked. Thats close enough for me.
Thanks for the replys. :slight_smile: