LDAP access


First of all: LDAP access works to UCM directory.

If I press Contacts on the right Softkey then the directory opens and I can scroll for the contact or do a search for it.Then choosing details shows all Numbers like private/work/mobile and I can choose and call from there > GREAT ! And that´s what it should be in the WP820, too!

But there´s a thing which is not so smooth in my opionion:
If LDAP is configured and active on DP730 it also opens the LDAP directory by pressing the OFFHOOK KEY.
Normally there are the last dialed phone numbers for redial possibilities found or just a dialtone and nothing else.
The contacts softkey should do it alone…
Regards Michael


we seems updated the logic there, if there is call history been found, it will show recent dialed calls for quickly dial, if not, it will show contact that combined local phone book and LDAP phone book ordered by letter.


please test it on your own:
this is not a mixture of local and LDAP.
Only LDAP is shown if LDAP is configured in the base…