LCD for GXP1620 spare part


Is it possible to get a new LCD for the GXP1620? I broke my own.
Thank you


Sorry, as far as I know, no.

I have never seen any parts offered for sale.

I suggest that you contact your authorized reseller or open a helpdesk ticket.

Let us know your results.


You could possibly buy a used phone off of E-bay and then scavenge or do a Google search to see if any 3rd parties offer parts or repair services.

The price points of the phones, and more so Granstream’s landed cost of a unit, do not lend themselves to depot repair or part sales as it is more expensive to establish and maintain such an operation than it is to replace the phone. Grandstream is not alone in this arena.

I suspect the products are manufactured by contract manufacturers (CM) and that the CM provides some warranty to GS for certain defects, so their risk is somewhat minimized with regard to in-warranty failures and out-of-warranty is…well, just that on your nickel.