La URL se ha identificado como maliciosa o abusiva



I am doing captive portal and coverage tests using the GWN7200LR device, I have found the following.

  1. The maximum coverage according to the data sheet is 300 meters, in tests carried out with the radio at 3 meters high, I have achieved correct connection and navigation to a maximum of 110 meters with line of sight.

I want to know if the 300 meters are of radio or diameter?

To achieve the distance of 300 meters, is it advisable to have a radio at a higher height?

  1. I am configuring a captive portal with the facebook login option, following the indications of, but when performing step 5 (page 12) the error message “La URL se ha identificado como maliciosa o abusiva.” appears, if I continue with the configurations at the moment after logging in from a client device, the message “URL bloqueada: La redirección ha fallado porque la URI no esta en la lista de autorizados OAuth de cliente de la aplicación. Comprueba que el acceso “Oatuh” de cliente y web estén activados y añade todos los dominios de tus aplicaciones como URI de redirección “OAuth”” appears.

What can I do to override the message by adding the URI in the facebook app?

Is the error message when connecting a client device directly related to the URI that cannot be added to facebook?


  • The tests’m doing with firmware Firmware



I have the same problem, any solutions?

  1. And what device was used to test. It has also 300 meters ? It need sent REPLY over that distance too.
    GWN 300 meters with Phone 100 meters -> 100 METERS connection as PHONE cannot handle longer.
    GWN - GWN - 300 meters (in LAB).