Keypad Mode "Ab2" for adressbook search


I can go via the soft keys to the “Search” for entries in the internal adressbook of my GRP2604. If I want to jump e.g. to the entries, where the Name starts with “W”, I tried to press the “9wxyz” key twice or long, but always only a “9” is accepted. I could not find a way to fast scrolling down inside the adressbook.
According to the manual there are the 4 modes for the keypad: “123”, “ABC”, “abc” and “Ab2”. That modes are available during editing entries.
The adressbook search uses only the 123 mode and provides an “reverse search” of numbers. Can I switch e.g. to the “Ab2” mode for searching names in the adressbook?


I have found a workaround myself: I need to change the setting “Contacts”, “Default Search Mode” (phonebook.defaultSearchMode) from “Quick match” to “Exact Match”. With this, pressing the “9WXYZ” key enters a “W” and finds all the names containing a “w” or “W”.


“Quick match” is a T9 input method searching, which will search 9/w/x/y/z when 9 is pressed. For example, if you looking for “Tom”, just input “866”, the phone will offer you the record to “tom” and other combinations.


Thanks! I have heared about T9, but was not using it up to now and it was not obvious to me, that the seach in default mode is using that T9 method.