IVRS - There should be a function to ignore the keypress event and keep the prompt playing



I have a timeout/invalid prompt in the IVR, which will then hang up the call.

If the client press a button when the timeout/invalid prompt is playing, the call will go to hang up directly. From client perspective, it is very weird.

Is it possible to add an option which can ignore the key press event when timeout/invalid/other prompt is playing? Thank.s


I setup an IVR with only 1 valid entry (to an extension) and used the system Welcome, Invalid and Timeout messages and no matter what I input during any of the prompt playbacks, the system did not disconnect me. As I had the invalid and response timeout loops both set to 3 and am running FW, perhaps this was a variation to your settings that allowed me to continue by allowing added opportunities to correct the input error and timeouts.


The IVR prompt gets interrupted when a digit is pressed indeed. So if you want to play a prompt without interruptions, use a ring group to play the prompt (or the part that you don’t want interrupted) and then send the call (using the “destination” setting) to the IVR with the part that “can be interrupted” as the prompt.


true, the input will cause the ucm to try and process, but the complaint was it disconnected the call. it never did that to me.


Do i need to setup a dummy extension for putting in the dummy ring group? Thanks.


Sorry, do not understand the question in relation to the issue. Can you explain?


So I need to setup a dummy ringroup, for playing the non-interruptable prompt? And then I need a dummy extension to be put in the dummy ringgroup? Thanks.


OK, got it now …in response to Cyfo’s suggestion.

As I have not tried this, I can only suggest that you try it as you have outlined and see. I believe that in order to create a ring group, there must be an extension as a member, so the dummy extension is needed.


True that.