IVR, Multiple prompts for same Extension Voicemail


Is it possible to setup multiple prompts, but the messages arrive in the same extensions’s voicemail?

Call comes into IVR during off hours:
Press 1 for service > Prompt explains leaving service type message > General Voicemail
Press 2 for sales > Prompt explains leaving sales type message > General Voicemail
Press 3 for supplies > Prompt explains leaving supply type message > General Voicemail
no press > Prompt explains leaving general inquiry message > General Voicemail

Our receptionist doesn’t want to be checking multiple mailboxes.


@DocuSystems, I don’t see a way around this. As long as you are using one mailbox, you are relying on the goodwill and understanding of the person calling in.


Create IVR 1, IVR2 , IVR 3 with desired greeting and push them to general Voicemail which do not have greet.

Example for first:
Main IVR -> 1 -> IVR 1 (greet) -> general voicemail

It is little not standard but it should work. You will also need set timer correctly for IVR1-3.