IVR issue prompt "Please hold while I transfer your call"


Dear ALL,
I have UCM 6208, in which the caller dial into the company hears the welcome message.
After he press any key event i want him to hear the below message before transferring him to the destination extension.
“Please hold, our customer service representative will be with you shortly. Kindly, note that this call may be recorded for customer satisfaction guarantee.”

Is that possible in the UCM?



I am not aware of a way at present using the IVR. You can submit a feature request.


The only way I can think of is transferring the call to a dummy IVR with that message which them automatically transfers the call to the end destination.


Hi and thanks for your replay,
how your idea can be performed, please.

The caller will dial key event for example number 1 only one time,
we configure the key event number 1 to go to another new IVR you mean, the new IVR main prompt will be the above message, then how it will be transferred to the destination which will be another extension or queue or other??



Just set all the timing values to 1 and have the last 2 options (Timeout and Invalid) point to the desired destination.



Assume attached is the new created IVR which has a prompt with above message “please hold,”
regarding timeout and invalid option, there is only options of seconds to be chosen, cannot type the destination number,

Please refer to attached.



Destinations are on the other tab - Key Pressing Events


I think you don’t get my point,
Here we go:
caller dials to **IVR_1–>**caller hear a welcome message stating him to continue in English press 1.
Caller then Press 1.
Key Event (1) of IVR_1 points to IVR_2.
IVR_2 main prompt is a message heard by a caller and states for Accounting press 1.
Caller press 1 again.
Key Event (1) of IVR_2 points to internal extension 2208.

i need before the system transfer the caller to 2208, makes the caller hears the above message (Please hold… etc)
Where to insert this message??



No, I understood you fine.

Based on the above, put the dummy IVR between your IVR_2 and ext 2208.


what do u mean by dummy IVR, please and how to create it?
Do you mean create IVR_3 , and makes key event (1) of IVR_2 point to it (IVR_3)???
This will make the caller to press 1 3 times to reach the ext 2208 ,
and i want only 2 times,

can you please clarify…


A dummy IVR refers to an IVR that only either answers a call (to get around a ITSP timeout issue) or plays a message before going to the correct destination or some such.

It is a regular IVR with everything set to 1 (e,g. the Response time set to 1, Invalid Input Prompt Repeats set to 1, etc) the Prompt set to None or the message you want to play, and the last 2 key pressing events set to the final destination - the rest are undefined.


Leave it to Dostoker with Dummy extensions , but a very innovative way to overcome a lot of routing , years ago he gave me a solution to access voicemail from outside using dummy extensions this is another great example of the use of this method. learn something new every day :slight_smile: thank you


Always glad to be of help.


Hi again,
sorry for late replay,
one another issue before process with your last answer,
when caller reach IVR_1 then press 1 to reach IVR_2, there is a delay between them, how can i make it immediately?? without any delay?



You can’t avoid the 1 second delay that is built into the IVR. That is the only downside to this solution.


I think it is more than one second, where is the parameter to assure if it is one or more than one second,



The setting is Response Timeout and its minimum value is 1; and yes it does seem longer…

I have an enhancement request in to have this value reduced to zero.


You can accomplish the same thing using ring groups without the delay.

I’ve done this both ways, nobody cares about the one second delay.