IVR agent assessment


Hi All,

We use IP PBX ucm6xxx series. We want to add some assessment to improve our agents performance. What we need to is to let callers evaluate agents. If we add sub IVR, how can we save the caller choices.
How can we do that?



One possible solution would be to create dummy extensions to which calls from each choice can be sent. So IVR 1 is for Agent 1 and has three choices - 1.Good, 2.OK, 3.Terrible.

Choosing option 1 sends the call to Ext 3001, 2 sends the call to Ext 3002, etc. At each dummy extension the VM recording would be set to “Thank you for your input, goodbye.” Or perhaps you could allow the VM at each dummy agent to capture the customer’s elaboration as to why they chose the rating that they did.

Agent 2’s dummy extensions could be 3101, 3102, 3103. Or however you want to differentiate.

Then of course you could use the CDR to count how many calls to which extension and grade the agents.

There may be a more elegant solution, but that is the first one that came to mind for me. I’ll be interested to see if others have better ideas!


Thanks mbrenneman Nice idea :+1:

I will wait other ideas before applying one of them…