IVR, 1 Time announcement


I have a UCM6202 with announcement IVR, it’s a short message (around 10 o 15 seconds or less ) but this message repite two times, I have the “Response Timeout” with 1, some mode to play one time?



Invalid Input Prompt = 1


that it’s my configuration.



And what are your destinations?

Also, set timeout and invalid prompts to none.



continued 2 times the message.




Please provide shots of the complete pages for the IVR.




There is nothing on this page to make the message repeat at all. I suggest you change the Prompt from “welcome” to “none” and I see no reason why you have checked Extension in the Dial Other Extensions area.

Can you post the complete second page please?


I have my own message




@rammx, the only thing I can think of is that either the recording you are using has something wrong in the file (all my Prompts show as .gsm the file name is left aligned in the Prompt field), or the message recorded twice in it.

Otherwise everything else looks fine.


Do you think that WAV file can do that?

I tried to convert to GSM but the quality is terrible (with audiacity)


I do not know. But I remember in the past uploading an improperly formatted wav file that disrupted the UCM from operating until I deleted it.

Have you tried uploading a MP3. I believe that where the system takes it, it automatically converts it into the proper format.


I converted the WAV to MP3 same situation, the message have 19 seconds and repeated twice


I fix it! the trouble was on Ring Group hade the same Custom Prompt, now “none”


Lol! I’m sure I’ve done the same.