It doesn't satisfy me


I don’t like this device… I hoped when it came out that it would be useful, but I find it not so good. Ethernet + Wifi that I don’t understand without a power adapter (ok you can use a poe injector…). You can’ make a call from it, only with a cell or pc… it would be better it would have a button to push to have an alarm calling , for example, and so on. I thought it could help for example in a lab where you don’t touch anything, but it’s ok to receive, but to make… no! I’m not satisfied!


Are you aware of the AUX input? When used as a circuit, you can trigger a call to desired number simply by pressing a button or touching the cables together.


I agree on this a 100%. Wi-Fi is useless without a USB/DC power adapter. They say “we can use a PoE injector” but at that point, why even use Wi-Fi if I need a cable anyway?


Grandstream should think about right market positioning of the device. It is not conference phone. It is a warning system that must meet the requirements for such systems. The device must be able to distribute guest wifi, work with a fire warning system. During the day, work as a music speaker, notifying employees of a hall or workshop. And with a smoke detector - a single security device. It will save space on the ceiling and customer budget.


It comes with a wall power supply.

I have a couple of businesses that travel and another that do not have the ability to rewire the building so the wireless phone is great for that.


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For the power supply/wall AC adapter, GSC3510 will not support it at this moment. But, we will note this feedback and see what is the demand for it.

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