Issues with Forwarding From address and DOD


Hi All,

I have got an issue when I am forwarding calls that I can’t work out.

If I simply dial out of a number I get the from address

From: “+61XXXXXXXXX” sip:username@domain;tag=c7dc7f8a-7d32-4b31-b006-166e55173904

This correctly shows the DOD number on the external number

However If I unconditionally forward inside the PBX and call that internal number from ether an external number or a internal number I get the from address

From: sip:username@domain;tag=d7674ff3-ea00-4e37-891e-b897bcf55544
which doesn’t include the DOD number.

Any ideas?


tried to enable “Use callee DOD on FWD or RS”
In the internal settings?



How is the forward being accomplished, at the extension level or by an IVR or other system extension?


Via the PBX web interface, on the extension


Yes I tried them, with no effect.


there is something on the trunk or elsewhere set incorrectly


It is NAME part od from ?
This part should not be used as DOD by provider.


what should they be using?


RPiD, Pai, Ppi - whatever they can.
Ask provider maybe they use it ?