Issues after update


I have five DP750 base stations out on site along with about 300 GXP1760’s and other ‘wired’ handsets. After updating the DP750’s and all their handsets I have one base station that refuses to work properly. The two handsets that are paired with it have been working fine for the past year but since the update they refuse to stay connected to the SIP server of my phone system. Their accounts constantly connect and disconnect and nothing I can do is changing this. I factory reset the base and recreated everything and it’s still doing it. I’ve plugged the unit directly into the network switch to eliminate possible wiring issues but no luck. I replaced the base station with another but that’s also on Is there any way to downgrade the firmware on the handsets and base to an earlier version to test that?


Read the release note as that will indicate if a regression is possible. If so, then you can get onto the GS firmware page and download an earlier version and then point the DP to a location where it can retrieve same be it with HTTP or TFTP.

It seems strange that only one of five has this issue and when replacing the unit with a different one the problem returns. You might put the problem unit into a known good working location and test as I suppose there could be an issue with the cable, connector or power (PoE or transformer) at that location.


I have changed everything except the actual handsets, which I don’t have a spare to test with. The wiring was changed several times and it’s powered by PoE from the network switch. I have moved it to a different port on the network switch, factory reset several times and tried a different base station although with the same level of firmware. I want to try taking it all back to 1.0.99 on the handset and base and then see if that changes anything.


When connecting and disconnecting, is this at the handset level or at the UCM level with regard to registration?


Hi again. The problem appeared to be the accounts registering to the system, not the handsets to the base. The problem started after the update to but only affected this one unit. I have now started experiencing other errors. While trying to roll back to version I found that there were issues with the browser displaying pages. Pages would load with no information in place and strange errors. I managed to get the firmware on both the base and handsets rolled back to now but the browser errors continue. Default settings are missing or wrong and I can’t enter some due to stupid errors. For example I can’t enable TFTP for phonebook download because it says “invalid input, expects numbers”. It’s a dropdown menu with TFTP, HTTP and HTTPS in it! I’ve tried in Firefox and MS Edge and get the same issues. I am now very confused.

UPDATE The handset I have left connected to the base station now appears to work. It is now able to make and receive calls, where before it was not receiving and getting cut off every 20-30 seconds before. The interface is still kaput so I have not tried re-adding the second handset just yet.


Hello axeman3d,
That web browser issue is caused by cached JS file, if you clear the browser cache or just use browser private mode (which won’t load any cached file), will fix the browser issue.

Could you send me your config file? Please change the SIP account ID, sip account name with dummy ones as I don’t to need get the account registered, just check if any configuration issue, thank you!


Hi Shawn. Since rolling back to the users now appear to be stable and working correctly. I don’t want to wipe their details right now and send the info as they’ve had little or no phone connectivity for a week now and are not happy. If it misbehaves again in the next day or so I’ll put dummy accounts on and send the file. Clearing the browser cache made no difference to the weird issue with selecting TFTP as a phonebook upload method. It didn’t work in Firefox or IE11 and I’m having to upload the phonebook manually. I can live with that as long as they keep working. I have no idea why just this one location is having an issue with, the rest are working fine.