Issue with external calls and DOD?


Hi all,

I’m currently having a problem I’ve never run into before. We’re using 6 UCM6510’s across 6 buildings, mostly with GXP2135s and 2170s.

I set up a new phone for someone yesterday and they’re unable to make external calls. While looking into it, I also discovered that when I go to Extensions/Trunks > VoIP Trunks I’m not able to add their extension to the DOD for their building. The new extension just doesn’t appear in the list. This is only happening at this one building, and I haven’t made any changes recently. The UCM is currently running, so I’ll also try updating to see if it fixes the issue.

Haven’t had any luck searching the forums, so I’m hoping someone may have seen this before.



Turns out I had to do a manual LDAP sync on the trunk. Not sure why this is the only trunk that required it. :man_shrugging:


first of all you need to update the UCM FW,
each extension can only be inserted into one DOD, so you probably have to first eliminate it where it is not needed,

if you talk about LDAP synchronization it’s because you have x UCM6510 in PEER between them, I don’t think you mentioned it,
also keep in mind that Grandstream Support can be found at this address: