Issue to external number


I have a Registered from UCM with Metaswitch, I have issue as below:
say SIP trunk User name : Userxyz and Host name IP : X.X.X.X

(1)If on SIP trunk :
“From Domain” set the host IP: X.X.X.X
and " From User:" set :Userxyz a

All below works OK:
Form IVR ==>Press 1 ==>external number 4168881234
From extension Follow me to external number 4168881234
From extension Ring simultaneously to external number 4168881234.
and so on related to external number.

(2)If on SIP trunk :
“From Domain” set blank
and " From User:" set blank.

All above mentioned external number related function not working any more. I believe this is some kind calling party number issue which cause the issue.

In some setup, I need fully control the outbound caller ID signaled from UCM extension or trunk , So I can not set above mentioned “From Domain” and “From User” fields, because I f I set these fields, it can not signal /transmit the UCM controlled Calling number anymore, it only shows the calling party number set on Metaswitch side.

Please advise.




The fields you mention are not typically associated to anything having to do specifically with CID, but rather have to do with the authentication the provider requires so as to insure that the connection to them is from you.

CID information is usually in the PAI SIP header and comes from the extension or trunk. Lacking either, the provider may insert the CID associated to the trunk on their own. Additionally, some providers may not allow manipulation of the outbound CID and will always insert a CID so as to prevent spoofing.

You can try and set a CID in the extension and see and/or set PAI in the trunk on/off.


Thanks you LPNEBLETT.

Yes, I set the CID on extension level, also tried torn on/off PAI on the trunk, but no success.


The best I can suggest is to contact Metaswitch and see if they allow user controlled CID.

But to be clear, if the intent is to have an outside call come into the UCM and then have the UCM forward the call to an external number and relay the caller’s CID, then you only need to check keep original CID on the VoIP trunk settings


There are several ways to control CID, what firmware version are you on? Have you opened a support ticket?


West, did you try using the DOD feature in the trunk page? It lets you assign the outbound CID for each extension for external calling per trunk.


Depending on your providers requirements, in PBX–>SIP–>ToS you may need to check off send remote party ID


Thank you all for your input.

My application for the customer needs to control NOT ONLY the calling party number, but also calling party name from extension level.

That is extension A needs calling party number A and calling party name A , extension B needs calling party number B and calling party name B, with current setup : Leave " From Domain" and “From User” blank , it is doing perfect , I can control the calling party number and name from extension level with NO issue , the ONLY issue is to route call to external numbers.

(1)Yes, I can use DOD , which can only control the calling party number, but NOT name, it can only use a common SIP trunk name, every extension can have different calling party number, but can not have different calling party name.

(2)I also played with remote party ID, but no success.




CNAM for external calling is not controlled by the UCM.

CNAM is controlled by the provider based upon your input when the account was established. They should have asked what name was to be used whereupon, assuming this was asked and answered, the name provided was put into a database that is used for CNAM delivery to the called party. It may be that this did not occur or is an added cost option by your provider.

This process is done for each number associated to the account. Some providers will allow you to change the name via their web portal, but again at the number level and then there is some time before the change is propagated to the various carrier databases.

When a call reaches the PSTN, the carrier that delivers the call to the final destination will, assuming the called party has CNAM delivery available, “dip” into the database and then associate the name therein to the number that was provided by the originating carrier and delivers both.

Depending upon the carrier and the level of service that the callee subscribes to, CNAM may be optional. A basic service level (local calling only, no 3 way, VM, etc.) may not offer CNAM as a part of the service unless there is a specific subscription.



Yes, In US, it will perform a CNAM dip, but in Canada, No CNAM dip.
But In Canada, NO CNAM dip.
The calling party name setup from extension to PSTN is shown well here in Canada.


If the name is not overwritten by the trunk or the “Global CID name” in the UCM, the UCM will use the Extension name as the CID name for outbound calls. So it will work to get “John Doe” (a specific name) but not to get “Company Sales” (a generic-group name.)


In the SIP settings, ToS, you may need to check and see if send remote party-id is enabled.

This will cause the extension owner name to be sent in the Message Header Section of the Invite to the provider. Example:
Remote-Party-ID: “Larry Neblett” sip:956335XXXX@;privacy=off;screen=no

I guess the question then becomes one of if Metaswitch then relays.


Thank you all for your kind help.

I opened a ticket to Grandstream , they suggest to try :
“just applying the From Domain, but not the user to see if that is sufficient enough
to allow the transfer to the external”.
This did fixed issue.

Now I can fully control the calling party number and calling party name from Extension Level setting and direct call to external numbers also working well now.

Thanks again.



Hi Westmall,

Can you be more specific “just applying the From Domain, but not the user to see if that is sufficient enough
to allow the transfer to the external”.

I am also facing the same issue.


I think he means From Domain under Trunk setup